1. Reconnect with your Partner this Valentine’s Day

    It’s finally the month of February and Valentine's Day is coming up right around the corner!  Whether you’re in a new and fresh relationship or it’s just another Valentine’s Day for you and your partner, the holiday can bring a bit of stress and expectations. Many people struggle with spend…Read More

  2. Are All Abusers Narcissists?

    By Grace Gufler October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and a perfect time to address some common myths of abuse and profiles of abusers. One of these is the false assumption that all abusers are narcissists. Many persons in an abusive relationship will refer to their abuser as a ‘narcissist…Read More

  3. How Do I Know If I Am In An Abusive Relationship?

    By Grace Gufler The most common thing I hear from survivors of domestic violence is this: “He/she wasn’t always like this.” or “How did I not see this coming?” These two statements are very central to the cycle of violence and the common thread running through many abusive relationships. I…Read More