Accepting Therapy

Couples Counseling – Accepting


Are you missing emotional and physical intimacy? 

It really hurts when the person you love is focused on “being right”, rather than really understanding you!

When we start to believe that our needs for connection will not be met with our partner, it’s easy to focus on our personal needs. A NORMAL response to this includes nagging, petty repetitive fights, silent-treatments, numbing out, outbursts, being condescending, focusing on being right (rather than listening), purposely not having sex.

At Accepting, we see the couple as a unit and value each partner’s input. Our goal for couples counseling is to bring both parties together instead of one partner having to “be right” or one partner having to “give in” everytime an argument or disconnect occurs. 

Our counselors at Accepting want you and your partner to begin to have fun again, to love each other, and to regain emotional & physical intimacy once again.