Accepting Therapy

Clinical Supervision – Accepting

Sarah Silva, MA, LCPC currently provides clinical supervision to fulfill requirements for the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor license in the state of Illinois. 

Clinical supervision is responsible for the support and guidance for supervisees and counselors in training to learn clinical skills and develop their professional identity as counselors. 

Approach to Clinical Supervision:

-Sarah uses Bernard’s discrimination model of supervision as an approach to clinical supervision in conjunction with being person-centered, strength based and meeting each supervisee where they’re at. 

-Sarah values a supervisee’s current knowledge, including personal and professional experiences they bring to supervision. 

-Sarah is passionate about creating a safe place for counselors to disclose what the supervisee is doing well on & mistakes they’ve made without repercussions of ending the supervisory relationship. 

Formats of clinical supervision:

-1 hour weekly individual supervision

-1 hour weekly triadic supervision (2 supervisees)

-1 hour weekly group supervision (3-6 supervisees)

Rates for clinical supervision:

-Individual $75hr

-Triadic $ 50hr

-Group $  30hr

*Sarah Silva, MA, LCPC has provided supervision to counselors since Spring 2014 and is currently strengthening her expertise as a clinical supervisor by pursuing a PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision. Sarah also is in the process of obtaining the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) license.