Saba is a clinical intern with Accepting Therapy and is completing her master’s in counseling with Northwestern University. She is passionate about mental health and medical health research which have shaped her therapeutic approach. Saba takes on a holistic approach to counseling, accounting for the effects of stress through physical, mental, and spiritual perspectives. Saba is Middle Eastern and speaks Arabic fluently. She identifies as Palestinian-American which has taught her the value of diversity and adversity. She believes in the value and growth that result from adversity and her goal is to help you find and reach it.

Saba enjoys working with diverse clients and providing culturally sensitive therapy while continuing to grow as a multiculturally competent counselor. Providing a nurturing, safe, non-judgmental and empathic environment is her priority. Saba is driven to help others overcome personal obstacles through psychoeducation and counseling. She utilizes a strength-based approach and incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic theory to help her clients improve their lives. She is passionate to work with adult, adolescent and child clients on their journey to healing and living balanced lives. She also recognizes that balance is different from one person to another. She enjoys working with trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Saba has earned her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in neuroscience and the biological sciences from the Ohio State University. She has conducted research for 7 years throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate career. Saba has completed a 3 and a half year long psychology internship in the surgical intensive care unit at the OSU Medical center providing emotional support and resources to the families of patients in the ICU. Her research has involved the study of chronic medical conditions and their impact on the immune system, and the brain and nervous system. She has also studied the impact of both psychosocial stress and physical exercise on chronic illness.

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