I obtained my degree in Counseling Psychology and Graduate School at Northwestern University in 2019. As a new graduate and professional, I am working to integrate my research interests into therapy with my clients. I have over 7 years of experience doing research involving the immune system, brain and nervous system, and the impact of stress and chronic disease on these systems. I am also very passionate about working with immigrants and refugees and serving this population through therapy, empowerment, and advocacy. During my free time, I enjoy doing Tatreez, a traditional Palestinian form of cross-stitching that I learned from my mother and grandmother. I also enjoy long-distance running and have completed my first half marathon and looking forward to many more. My other hobbies and interests include reading, writing, gaming, socializing (big E), and- being a psychology nerd- anything that involves psychology.
I serve clients who look to expand their self-awareness, emotional intelligence and seek to uncover more in-depth aspects of their psyche. I have helped clients struggling with anxiety, depression, acute and chronic trauma, OCD, BPD, Schizophrenia, and other mental health disorders. I also have experience working with immigrants and refugees struggling with acculturation and bicultural issues. I am also involved in psychological and medical health research, advocacy, and empowerment related to immigrants and refugees.
I consider it to be an honor to walk this journey alongside my clients- with all of its painful and triumphant moments. I help my clients acknowledge what is not conscious and to admit what is difficult or painful to see in themselves. By shining a light on these parts, my clients can live more realistically, productively, and joyfully.
I often help my clients see themselves not only in the context of their internal psyche but in the context of the various external systems to which they belong. I also provide LGBTQ+, sexual, cultural, and gender identity, affirming, allied, and safe therapy. I am available for a complimentary 15-30 minute in-person or virtual consultation

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