I embrace kink-positivity and those in poly relationships. I find exploring fat positivity and body positivity as well as chronic illness with my clients to be meaningful and strive to create a healing space that offers freedom from societal messages that keeps people in an endless struggle with their bodies and self-image.

I help those struggling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD find relief. I see people with identities across the LGBTQIA spectrum. I believe it is a humbling privilege to support those navigating grief and trauma. I also look to support caregivers and mental health workers coping with burnout. My clients are typically adults, college-aged to older adults.

My work is rooted in social justice with an intersectional feminist and relational perspective. Systemic oppression greatly impacts the way we interpret and navigate our lives. I strive to enable my clients to thrive despite experiences of oppression by growing in and through relationships. For me, that begins with the client-therapist relationship. I approach therapy with an unconditional positive regard for my clients. I create a space where they feel comfortable, supported, and heard.  It is crucial to collaborate with clients so we can shift and adjust treatment based on needs and preferences.

I aim to build dynamic, therapeutic relationships with my clients. This relationship is an opportunity for you to learn new interpersonal communication skills, to explore your identities and encounter life changes. Together, I believe you can discover ways of adapting behaviors to create a more fulfilling life.