Individual Services

Adult Counseling

We are happy to offer professional individual counseling services for individuals 18 years of age or older who are struggling with certain aspects in their life or in their mind. Whether you are finally eligible to vote, or you are nearing retirement, life doesn’t stop being hard on the mind and body, so let our dedicated and experienced therapy professionals help you through the rougher periods with our individual adult counseling services.

Life Transitions

We have all heard of a midlife crisis, a period where middle aged folks start to come to terms with aging and the passage of time, and contemplate their life goals and accomplishments. But in reality, life is full of these existential and identity-shaping “crises” as we all age and experience substantial transition periods. Whether you are fresh out of college and have no idea what to do with your life, or you are entering retirement and have no idea what to do with your life, our counselors want to help you through this tumultuous period, and give you the confidence you need to take this new period of your life head-on.

Teen Counseling

At Accepting Therapy, we also offer individual counseling services for teenagers. The teenage years are an exciting and frustrating time for everyone, and whether you are a teen, or you were a teen, you know that the process of growing up and learning more about yourself in this period is really as scary a process as any. Our counselors want to provide a safe space where your teen can feel like they are understood, and have the non-parental support they need to help discover themselves.

Dedicated professionals providing quality individual counseling

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Accepting Therapy is dedicated to providing quality and professional individual counseling services to our clients in Chicago and the surrounding area. Taking care of yourself is no easy task, and everyone should take all the help they can get. Our team at Accepting Therapy wants to support you through the bad times and help you appreciate the good ones, while providing a strong basis with which you can feel better about your life, and the control you have over it. Give us a call today and see what our team of dedicated counselors can provide to you.