Classes will focus on learning healthy techniques through psycho-education, role-playing, experiential learning exercises, and more.  These will be held in our office at 107 W. Van Buren St.

Test Anxiety Group

This group will equip and empower you to face them head-on.

Do you struggle with test anxiety? Do you feel overwhelmed and pressured when you think of your exam? Do you find yourself avoiding your studies and test-related materials? This therapy support group is for people who expect to take the ACT/GRE/MCAT or other standardized tests in the summer and/or fall. In this group, you will feel supported and understood by your peers and group leader. You will learn anxiety reduction skills and techniques to overcome the mental blocks standing in the way of your success. This group will teach stress and fear reduction techniques, time management skills, goal setting and implementation skills. Often times, anxiety prevents us from doing the things that matter the most to us. This group we will equip and empower you to face them head-on. This is an 8-week closed group. Cost for initial evaluation and 8-sessions is a one-time fee of $200. For inquiries, contact

Chronic Illness Support Group

Coping with the day to day challenges of an invisible illness can be exhausting, overwhelming and lonely. This is a group for persons who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. In this group you will receive support from peers who can relate to your experiences. Additionally, this group will discuss topics such as: coping skills, stress management techniques, mindfulness, shame and acceptance. Many people do not understand the challenges of living with a chronic illness but in this group, you will find people who can relate to your pain in a safe and therapeutic setting. Run by Grace.