Our Group Counseling Offerings

At Accepting Therapy, we proudly provide a variety of effective counseling services to folks in Chicago and the surrounding area, including specific group counseling offerings. While you still might be somewhat hesitant to participate in any form of group counseling, you might also learn that others are experiencing the same struggles and stressors that you are too. Keep reading below to learn more about these specific offerings, and to see if we have the right group counseling option for you.

Test Anxiety Group Counseling

Whether it’s for highschool chemistry, college admissions, or the last hurdle to becoming a lawyer, our lives are generally filled with a variety of standardized tests and written exams. The results of these tests can feel like they hold an immense weight on our future lives, which can make taking them extremely anxiety-inducing. But you are not alone in your stress, nor in your concern with the weight of the results. Practice anxiety reduction skills, techniques to overcome mental blocks, and other mental test-taking skills, in a safe and welcoming environment with other folks who are struggling with the same issues. Learn more here!

Chronic Illness Support Group

A truly unfortunate fact of life is that some people get sick, and stay sick. While we are making progress everyday to limit the impact of these illnesses and diseases on the physical health of our population, the effect of being diagnosed with a chronic illness also has some pretty impactful effects on mental health as well. Coping with a chronic illness in day-to-day life can be extremely difficult — but you are truly not alone, and hearing from others in the same position, who can relate to your pain as well as your psyche, can be invaluable as a therapeutic technique. Learn more here!

Group Counseling Services at Accepting Therapy

Sometimes, the overwhelming nature of our feelings or thoughts can make us feel isolated, like we are the only ones who are hurting this badly or in this way. But while group counseling might not seem like your cup of tea, the empathy and sympathy that you can give and receive in a group counseling setting can be an invaluable asset for understanding and improving your own mental health.

Accepting Therapy is a proud provider of therapeutic services to folks in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our team of dedicated and experienced counselors are here to listen, support, and provide for your mental health needs, for any type of feeling or situation you are experiencing. Give us a call today and see how we can start helping and your mind.