Would you describe yourself as lonely? Do you have people in your life that truly get you? Does staying in always sound better than going out? Do you feel like others enjoy their lives in ways that you can’t? By addressing these concerns out loud, your relationship to these thoughts and feelings can change for the better. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor whose own life was transformed by therapy. I worked in the film industry before changing tracks towards a more meaningful career in the field of mental health. I graduated from Northwestern University’s counseling program at The Family Institute.
I work to connect you with a sense of inner strength during warm and supportive conversations. My native therapy-language is insight-oriented, but I incorporate an interpersonal style, neurobiology-informed, process group therapy, and directive, goal-oriented elements like CBT and DBT.
I love music and play for fun. I appreciate the processes of artists and creatives towards deeper understanding of ourselves. Sometimes our artistic impulses can communicate in ways words can’t. Therapy is a collaboration that is as much play as it is work. Together we can help you move towards the strength and connection to others you want for yourself.