“Couples Therapy”

When you hear the phrase “couples therapy,” you might feel uncomfortable even considering the thought. Similar to other types of counseling and therapy in today’s society, there is a certain stigma attached to utilizing couples counseling services. Whether it’s the appearance that your relationship isn’t perfect or having to truly acknowledge the issues you and your spouse are having, even bringing up the idea of couples therapy to your spouse can sound pretty daunting.

But in reality, no relationship is perfect — even the ones that look perfect from the outside. Maintaining a positive couple dynamic between two independent individuals is an incredibly difficult skill that no one has mastered yet. That dynamic can really falter when we feel a disconnect in desires or values with our partner, because we tend to resort to a variety of hurtful and negative actions against our partners or ourselves. These actions can manifest in a variety of ways, whether it’s condescension, sarcasm, nagging, repetitive fights, silent treatments, avoiding sex, etc. Every relationship experiences some form of these actions, but letting them become the norm can put the strength of your relationship in jeopardy. Taking the step to see a licensed professional shows a dedication from both members of the relationship to maintain the special connection you have as a couple, instead of letting things get to a breaking point for someone.

Relationships are complicated. Couples counseling can help

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Couples Counseling Services at Accepting Therapy

Our goal as counselors at Accepting Therapy is to unite a couple into a cohesive unit, made up of two partners with equally valuable input and relevance in the relationship. This is a difficult task for any couple, even just the simple act of walking in the counselor’s door together is challenging for some.

But this is a difficult task that you do not need to take on by yourselves, especially when there are committed professionals out there, dedicated to providing high-quality couples counseling services like the counselors at Accepting Therapy. Whether you are looking to limit the frequency of arguments, or improve the dynamic of your disagreements, or regain emotional or physical intimacy, Accepting Therapy in Chicago is here to help. Give us a call today and see how we can start supporting you and your relationship.