At Accepting Therapy, we understand the concern surrounding COVID-19/Coronavirus in many communities. We believe that it is important to acknowledge the potential risk of transmission and challenges it may create for folks who see us for therapy who may be immunocompromised themselves or have close friends, family members, or other loved ones who may be immunocompromised. Due to these concerns, we would like to offer alternative methods of accessing sessions, which may be utilized at your preference as information around COVID-19 unfolds. Please be mindful of what you need to feel safe, comfortable, and supported during this time.


The following options will be available to you (either through private pay, sliding scale, or insurance rates) and may be utilized in place of in-office sessions:


We can offer video sessions through Simple Practice. This platform is HIPAA-Compliant and links to download are below:


 We can also offer sessions via telephone. However, cell phones are not HIPAA compliant and we do not have consistent access to a landline. Therefore, if you select this method of continued contact, it would be with the knowledge that we cannot guarantee the digital security of our sessions.


We will make ourselves available to provide further details around telehealth outside of our regularly scheduled session times, so please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Hey, just so you know. Most BCBS plans are covering online counseling due to COVID-19. That means that you might be able to get therapy at no cost to you! Please check your insurance benefits to see if it applies to your current plan.


Furthermore, if you need more information around COVID-19 please visit the CDC’s website here:


Please take care of yourselves and let us know if you feel one of these alternative options for therapy feels important for you to access and we will identify the best way for us to work together. Also, please be mindful that this can be an ongoing conversation as to what feels best for you.

Warm regards,

The Team at Accepting Therapy