Clinical supervision supports and guides supervisees and counselors-in-training as they learn clinical skills and develop their professional identity as counselors.

Approach to Clinical Supervision:

  • Accepting Therapy uses Bernard’s discrimination model of supervision in conjunction with being person-centered, strength based and meeting each supervisee where they’re at.
  • Accepting Therapy values the supervisee’s current knowledge, including his or her personal and professional experiences.
  • Accepting Therapy is passionate about creating a safe place to disclose what the supervisee is doing well on and any mistakes he or she has made without repercussions of ending the supervisory relationship.

Formats of clinical supervision:

  • 1-hour weekly individual supervision
  • 1-hour weekly triadic supervision (2 supervisees)
  • 1-hour weekly group supervision (3-6 supervisees)

Rates for clinical supervision:

  • Individual $75/hr
  • Triadic $50/hr
  • Group $30 /hr

*Accepting Therapy has provided supervision to counselors since Spring 2014 and is currently strengthening her expertise as a clinical supervisor by pursuing a Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision. Sarah Silva MA, LCPC also is in the process of obtaining the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) license.