Clinical Supervision Approach

Clinical supervision training at Accepting Therapy is designed to support and guide supervisees and counselors-in-training, by providing an experiential learning environment where they can observe real sessions with real patients. Our professional counselors are committed to helping you develop your identity and practice as a professional counselor, valuing the current knowledge and experience you are already bringing to the table, and supplementing that with our own professional counselors knowledge and experience.

Our approach of supervision utilizes the Bernard discrimination model, which emphasizes an understanding of the supervisee’s skill and knowledge in three areas, and finding the appropriate supervisor role to fulfill the needs in each of those areas. These areas include: a) intervention, or observable behavior and demonstration of counseling skills; b) conceptualization, or recognizing client patterns and applying learned knowledge; and c) personalization, or counselor self-awareness and integrating a personal style of counseling without countertransference. Our clinical supervisors are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for any counselor-in-training, and fostering their abilities to help them grow into effective counselors themselves.

Clinical Supervision Format and Rates

Our format and rates for clinical supervision training are as follows:

  • 1-hour weekly individual supervision – $75/hour
  • 1-hour weekly triadic supervision (2 supervisees) – $50/hour
  • 1-hour weekly group supervision (3-6 supervisees) – $30/hour

*Accepting Therapy has provided supervision to counselors since Spring 2014 and is currently strengthening her expertise as a clinical supervisor by pursuing a Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision. Sarah Silva MA, LCPC also is in the process of obtaining the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) license.

Clinical Supervision Training Services from Accepting Therapy

Becoming a licensed counselor takes a lot of work, in terms of education, experience, and simply a lot of effort and time. But providing counseling services to folks who are struggling is such a valuable role to play in society, and the positive effect you can have on people’s lives is truly immeasurable.

If you are a counselor-in-training, chances are you are looking for clinical supervision training. Luckily, Accepting Therapy is proud to offer extremely effective and professional clinical supervision training services in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our team of licensed counselors are just as committed to helping your grow as a counselor as they are in helping our clients grow as people. Give us a call today and see how the Accepting Therapy team can start helping you.