Anxiety and depression related to conditions affecting our physical health can impact our lives in many different ways. These conditions, especially at their
intersections can lead to feelings of hopelessness, life dissatisfaction, frustration, and may cause us to feel alone in our struggles. Through positive feedback and solution-focused change, I work with clients to improve the quality of life by working collaboratively to develop authenticity and resilience. Whether you need support through unknown times, weight management, navigating the health care system due to a medical diagnosis, or are experiencing dissatisfaction in life, I am here to support you.

I use a personalized approach to engage clients in developing and improving skills to meet their goals. Through Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution focused approaches I develop a unique compassionate relationship with each individual person.

I have experience working in hospital and community systems, with individuals working through challenges with substance use, trauma, and mental health crisis. I work with adults, children, family, and couples on issues related to anxiety, depression, chronic conditions, physical health, trauma, and addiction. I am currently accepting adults, children, couples, and families at this time.

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