It’s finally the month of February and Valentine’s Day is coming up right around the corner!  Whether you’re in a new and fresh relationship or it’s just another Valentine’s Day for you and your partner, the holiday can bring a bit of stress and expectations. Many people struggle with spending quality time with their partners on a regular basis. The loss of quality time leads to a disconnect in the relationship. As a result, arguments can occur more frequently, sex can occur less often, and romance can turn into an appreciation of days gone by. But importantly, the holiday can also provide a great opportunity for some couples therapy practice, to reconnect or strengthen the connection you have with your partner. Valentine’s Day can serve as a reminder of the romantic and intimate pieces of the relationship and can provide a great opportunity to reintroduce these aspects into your relationship. In honor of the holiday, Accepting Therapy is happy to share some couple’s therapy tips you can incorporate into your Valentine’s Day this year. 

While the modern expectation of Valentine’s Day might seem more about fancy dinners and the right choice of flowers, the holiday provides a perfect opportunity to reconnect with your partner and introduce (or reintroduce) romance back into the relationship. Relationships are complicated for everyone, and romance and intimacy can be difficult to constantly maintain, especially in long term relationships. For this reason, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of and reignite the passion and care of your relationship. Keep reading for some professional tips from your trusted couples counselors in Chicago, Accepting Therapy, or give us a call if you are considering a session with us.

  1. Quality Time: It might seem like an obvious one, but make sure to spend some quality one-on-one time with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Quality time is focused and intentional time spent with your partner without any outside distractions, a necessity for maintaining the feeling of reciprocal care and passion between you two. This one-on-one time is important to maintain a healthy relationship and promote open communication between partners. Go to a quiet dinner, spend a night away from phones and television and be truly present with your partner.
  2. The Story of “Us”: A great way to remind each other of why you chose to be with one another is to reminisce on the story of your relationship. Reflect with your partner on how you first met, share your first impressions of one another, when each of you started to feel something, and maybe when you fell in love with the other person and all other aspects that are important and unique to your relationship story. This nostalgic appreciation will help you feel connected to your partner and will serve as a reminder of why this relationship is so important, the amount of love still present, and the “why” behind all the effort you both put into each other and the relationship. 
  3. Intimacy: If you read our blog post from last week, you will know that intimacy does not just refer to sex in romantic relationships. Intimacy incorporates both physical and emotional expressions of connectedness between you and your partner. Intimacy is easy to lose sight of in a relationship; many people focus on sex in a relationship as the only or most important expression of intimacy. But in reality, there are a variety of ways to both feel intimacy, and express it in your relationship. Some ways include: having deep conversations, maintaining eye contact, being emotionally vulnerable, thought out and personalized compliments, expressions of gratitude, words of affirmation, and many more. There are a variety of ways to feel and express intimacy between you and your partner, so make sure to take the time to understand what both of you want and expect regarding it.

Couples Counseling Services with Accepting Therapy in Chicago 

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time to reinvigorate the loving connection and care you and your partner have for each other. While it may be viewed as a Hallmark holiday by some, it can also be an effective reminder to put in the effort and spend some quality and romantic time with your partner. Communicate with your partner about how to continue to make an effort to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Valentine’s Day may come only once a year, but romance can and should be celebrated throughout the year. 

Regardless of how your Valentine’s Day celebrations pan out, Accepting Therapy is dedicated to helping your and your partner grow as a couple, and as individual people. Life is just truly not easy sometimes, and seeking help from a team of dedicated counselors is a great way to share the burden, and get back on track to feeling good about life, and yourself. Check out our couples counseling sessions or individual therapy session offerings, and let our team at Accepting Therapy help you. Call us now and schedule an appointment today!