Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and whether you are someone who hates or loves this holiday, I
want to challenge you to celebrate it a little differently this year. This year, we at Accepting Therapy are
asking people to celebrate Valentine’s Day by honoring the longest relationship you have been in: the
relationship with yourself. Self-love is a concept so easily overlooked, neglected and forgotten about.
This blog post will discuss some ways to express love to yourself this Valentine’s Day.

1. Love Your Body: this is a hard one! Whenever we look in the mirror, we often focus on the
things we dislike or are striving to change. This Valentine’s Day notice the things that you do
love about your body instead! Express gratitude for the way your body serves and protects you,
compliment yourself and take the time to notice your positive attributes. This activity will help
increase positive self-talk, boost self-esteem and nurture a positive sense of self.

2. Take Yourself on a Date: an important aspect of self-love is to feel comfortable and confident
with yourself. If you find it hard to be alone or want to improve your ability to make yourself
happy, this is a great activity for you. Treat yourself to dinner, a movie or solo travel! Whatever
you decide to do, make it something meaningful.

3. Journal: write about the things that you like about yourself, your accomplishments, things you
are proud of or how you have grown in the last few years. This will help increase your awareness
of your strengths as well as improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. Reflect on Your Relationship with Yourself: it may be odd to think about having a relationship
with yourself, but we do. We can express emotions to ourselves and feel connected to the core
of who we are. This relationship can be nurtured or neglected, same as the other relationships
in our lives. This Valentine’s Day reflect on the ups and downs of this relationship over the years
and brainstorm ways to nurture this relationship in the future.

Self-love can impact a person’s physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, confidence and sense
of security in life. As strange as it may seem, learning to love yourself is essential to finding happiness
and love in other areas of life. You are always going to be there for you, so why not care for yourself in
the same way you do for the people you love? Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Accepting