By: Grace Gufler

A challenge often faced when achieving and maintaining life balance is finding the time and energy to make it happen. This can be prevented by setting realistic goals for each month that will set you up for success in spending time in different domains of life. If you are someone who talks about wanting balance but has a hard time implementing it, this is a great exercise for you!

Set 5-10 goals per month (number should be based on individual schedule, values and needs) that will help you maintain balance. After you have decided on your goals, create an action plan to make them happen! An action plan consists of a break down of steps that need to be accomplished to achieve the goal. For example, if I want to spend an evening with my friends my action steps could include: finding a few dates I am available, reaching out to my friends with these dates, following up with my friends to confirm, putting it on my calendar and sending reminders to myself if needed. Below is an example of a monthly goals list you can use as a model when creating your own.

This Month To Achieve Balance I Would Like To:

  • Have 2 nights to myself
  • Have 3 Date Nights: even something as small as going on a walk
  • Call my parents more: at least 3 times this month
  • Have 1 girls night
  • 1 night out with my co-workers
  • Read 1 book
  • Exercise twice a week

This list reflects the domains of: me time, relationship, family, friends, social life, hobbies and physical health. The list should be reflective of your values and individual needs. I hope this helps you live a more balance life and is something you can maintain in the long term.