By: Grace Gufler

The Coronavirus Pandemic continues on and working from home has proven to be challenging for a lot of people. Many people struggle to be motivated, productive and structured while at home. It is a difficult adjustment to shift our mindset about home to include a work environment. This has caused many people to struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance; since home is serving as work too. As a result, boundaries are becoming blurred, productivity is lower and stress levels are higher. In this blog post, you will find some helpful tips to assist you to be successful while working from home.

Get Dressed

If you are staying in your pajamas all day long, you are less likely to be productive and motivated to work. A person’s mindset is impacted by the behaviors we engage in. Our brain forms connections and patterns that are linked to feelings and behaviors related to motivation, productivity, ability to focus and so on. Therefore, getting ready for the workday is important in preparing your brain to be ready to work.


Physical Activity:

working from home eliminates our commute to work, and therefore, physical activity as well. Not having to get ready in the morning, walk to public transit or into an office, get that morning coffee, prepare a lunch, etc., is movement you are no longer engaging in. Going into work guarantees some level of physical activity during the workweek and probably more than you account for. It is important that you still engage in a level of physical activity while working from home. Walk back and forth when on a call, walk the stairs, do morning stretches or go for a walk around the block. This will improve motivation, increase energy and help decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.


Structure and Routine:

Let’s be honest, working from home has eliminated any sense of routine and structure we once had. Anyone else feels like every day is Sunday? People’s schedules are changing, perhaps there is less work to do or maybe you’re taking more breaks because no one will know if you do. Despite how tempting it may be to throw out your normal routine, it is important to think of the consequences of doing so. A routine provides us with a sense of direction, purposefulness, feeling productive and successful, and a sense of order. Therefore, a routine is essential to maintain mental health. 


Set up a Space:

Having a designated workspace while working at home can improve motivation and productivity. Set up a small space that is dedicated to work and gives off that office feel. This will help you set boundaries between work and home and achieve a better work life balance. 


The Coronoavirus has drastically changed our day to day functioning and this adjustment can be really difficult. As time goes on, it is essential you continue to successfully adjust to this transition. Accepting Therapy will be posting more blogs in the future dedicated to helping you maintain mental health during the Coronavirus. Please know that telehealth services are available to you during this time! Many mandates and insurance policies have become laxer in order to provide people with services while social distancing. If you are in Illinois, please reach out to us to set up an appointment with a therapist for telehealth sessions.