By: Grace Gufler

The Coronavirus pandemic has eliminated previous daily routines and structures as home has become a multipurpose space. The shelter in place and practice of social distancing has left many of us without our usual outlets for self-care. As a result, many people are experiencing a decrease in mental health and as we enter week 3 of being at home, the impact of this is starting to show. For this reason, I wanted to share with you some ways you can continue to make time for self-care while being at home.

Morning Activity: personally, I rely on my morning routine to help me prepare for the day. I no longer have the commute to work which I typically spend reflecting on what I need to do and developing an action plan for my day. Since working from home, I have replaced what would be my commute time with a long walk. This achieves several things for me. For one, this provides me with a space to inspire motivation and get organized for my day; which improves productivity. Secondly, a morning walk signifies a transition from being at home to going into work for me. This helps me shift my mindset and maintain a work-life balance. Some other good morning self-care activities include yoga, stretching, journaling or exercise. 

Me Time: if you don’t live alone, it may be difficult for you to find ways to get some alone time when everyone is always home with you. It can be uncomfortable to communicate to someone that you would like to be alone and need some space. It’s important for you to advocate for alone time and practice it on a regular basis to maintain mental health. Make it easier for yourself by having a set alone time or establish a funny code work or sign that lets others know that you are taking some me time.

Evening Routine: establishing a routine while working from home will provide structure and help you establish a work-life balance. It can be helpful to have a self-care activity that signifies the end of the workday and helps you transition to being present in your home life. This can be stretching, cooking, going for a walk or meditating. It can be helpful to do something that is relaxing and provides you an opportunity to slow down, reflect and clear your mind.