By: Grace Gufler


Mother’s Day is this weekend and like all other planned celebrations, holidays, or social get togethers, this day has been thwarted by the Coronavirus, and many of us will be celebrating at home. For some people, perhaps you are no longer able to spend the day with your family due to travel restrictions, social distancing, or protecting the health of the vulnerable members of your family. In this blog post, you will find some helpful tips to make your Quarantine Mother’s Day special. 

For the Family’s Apart:

If your family is unable to get together for Mother’s Day this year due to Coronavirus, here are some fun ways to celebrate together despite being physically apart. Technology has been the saving grace of the Coronavirus in allowing us to stay connected and work from home. This Mother’s Day, schedule a time with your family to meet over video and have a meal together, play a virtual game, or take turns expressing gratitude for mom.

For the Family at Home:

Many of us look forward to days such as Mother’s Day because it is the perfect excuse to go out and do something special and fun with your family. If you are practicing social distancing or you live in an area with a shelter in place, these plans are no longer possible. This does not mean, however, that the day cannot still be special. This year bring the fun to you! Decorate the house, order from your favorite restaurant, and get dressed up for it. Make the day special by devoting it to family and being present with each other.

For the Mom Who Has Been Stuck at Home:

Some couples have been facing the challenge of working from home while also taking care of their children and homeschooling them. This becomes even more challenging if only one parent is staying home as the other continues to go to work. If you know a mom who has been stuck at home with her kiddos during the pandemic, this mom could probably use some much needed alone time. Mother’s Day is a day about family, but it is also a day to acknowledge how much moms do for their family daily. A great way to celebrate this is to give mom a few hours off from mom duty. Set up a home spa, clean the house, cook dinner for her, and let mom pick the movie! 


Being a parent is a huge amount of work and requires a lot of sacrifices to be made. I think this has become even more true during the stay at home order many of us are experiencing. Parents now have little to no support in raising, educating, and taking care of their kids. For this reason, this Mother’s Day make sure mom knows how much she is appreciated by expressing gratitude to her. Make a video of the kids talking about their mom, write letters, or take turns at the dinner table saying why you appreciate her.


Mother’s Day is a day many people look forward to, and not just moms! It is a day for family, fun, laughter and togetherness. The Coronavirus may have caused your plans to be cancelled but don’t let that stop you from celebrating the day and making it special! I hope this blog helps you have a wonderful quarantine Mother’s Day.